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What is the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP)?

The AINP – Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program is aimed at individuals who have the abilities and skills to cater to the labor market scarcities in Alberta. This Provincial Nominee Program of Alberta accepts applications from skilled workers through the Alberta Opportunity Pathway and Express Entry system. AINP also manages 2 business immigration pathways  The Farmer Self-Employed and the Overseas Graduate Entrepreneur Pathway.

Alberta PNP is administered by the Government of Alberta in collaboration with the National Immigration Department IRCC – Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Candidates who are interested in immigrating to Canada through AINP are required to follow a process of 2 stages:


  • Apply for Provincial Nomination with the Government of Alberta
  • Apply for Canada PR Visa with the Federal Government if successful in the nomination


A specific number of nominations are allocated by IRCC to AINP every year.

What are different AINP Immigration Pathways?

AINP or the Alberta Provincial Nominee Program accepts applications from candidates through the following four immigration pathways:


  • Alberta Opportunity Pathway
  • Express Entry Pathway
  • Farmer Self-Employed Pathway
  • Overseas Graduate Entrepreneur Pathway


Alberta Opportunity Pathway

AINP launched the Alberta Opportunity Pathway in 2018 June that replaced the Employer-Driven Pathway and Strategic Recruitment Pathway of the province. It aims at simplifying the application process of AINP, reducing wait times, and making the system fairer for employers and candidates.

Minimum requirements for AINPs Opportunity Pathway

Candidates are required to fulfill many types of requirements to become eligible for the Alberta Opportunity Pathway. All requirements must be fulfilled at the time of submitting the application and assessment of the application by AINP unless specified otherwise.

Work Visa and Residency

Qualified candidates are required to possess the status of valid Provisional Resident in Canada authorizing them to work. The valid Work Visa must be based on any one of the following:


  • Affirmative LMIA – Labor Market Impact Assessment
  • Exemption for LMIA through inter-company transferees, international trade agreements, Mobilit Francophone or International Experience
  • Post-graduate Work Visa

The candidates must also be working in an eligible occupation.


Unqualified candidates:


  • Refugees under removal or appeal proceedings
  • Provisional residents staying out of Alberta
  • Provisional residents on restoration or implied status



Those who have the Post-Graduate Work Visa are also required to fulfill extra requirements. Their present occupation must be connected to their area of study in the Alberta province.

If you are enrolled and admitted in your program before 1 April 2019, your qualification must have been offered by an authorized institution and be any one of the below:


  • Post- Graduate Certificate or Certificate of at least 1 year
  • Minimum 2 years Diploma Program
  • Bachelors Degree at Undergraduate level
  • Diploma, Certificate, or Degree at the Graduate level


If you are enrolled and admitted in your program later than or on 1 April 2019, your qualification must be included in the approved list of Alberta Opportunity Pathway.

Canada PNP

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