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Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program operates in collaboration with the Federal Government of Canada and the 4 Provinces in the Atlantic Canada region:

  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland & Labrador
  • Nova Scotia
  • Prince Edward Island

An employer-driven program, Atlantic Immigration Pilot expedites immigration of skilled overseas workers to the region. All primary applicants arriving in Canada through the AIPP are required to have an offer of a job from a nominated employer. They are also required to possess a Plan of Settlement for themselves and their members of the family.

The designated employer must firstly offer a job after identifying the candidate who fulfills the program criteria and their employment needs. AIPP does not require the employers to undergo the procedure of obtaining the LMIA – Labor Market Impact Assessment.

After the candidate accepts the job offer, the employer then connects the candidate with a nominated service provider organization for settlement for assessing the needs and developing a Plan of Settlement. The long-term assimilation of the newly arrived immigrant and family members if applicable will also be supported by the employer. This is to ensure that the immigrant fulfills the objectives of the settlement plan upon arrival to Canada.

Employers that require to quickly fill a job opening will have access to the Provisional Work Visa to enable the arrival of the immigrant and family members to Canada at the earliest. The candidates who wish to get this Work Visa will require: 

  • An offer of a job that is a valid 
  • A letter issued by the Province, and 
  • To offer assurance to apply for Canada PR Visa within 3 months of the Provisional Work Visa application 

Thus, AIPP is an exceptional immigration pathway for applicants who are unable to receive the ITA through the Express Entry Draw in the federal Express Entry Program. Such candidates can enhance their chances of receiving the Canada PR Visa by applying through this comparatively easier immigration pathway. 

What are the different programs under AIPP?

The AIPP has 3 immigration pathways that are aimed at diverse categories of candidates. 

AIPP: Atlantic High-Skilled Program

AIPPs Atlantic High-Skilled Program is for skilled workers who have professional, management, or skilled/technical job experience. 

Job Offer

Applicants are required to have an offer of a job that is: 


  • Offered by an Atlantic province employer nominated by AIP
  • Non-seasonal and full time implying a minimum of 30 hours every week
  • Under skill level B, A, or 0
  • Having a duration of a minimum 1 year
  • Offered through an accurate form of the Federal Government 


The job offer made to the applicants need not necessarily be in the same occupation as that of the previous work experience. But the candidates are required to fulfill the jobs employment requirements as specified in the NOC. 

Work Experience

You must have been employed for a minimum of 1 year (30 hours weekly or a total of 1, 560 hours) in the past 3 years. It can be part-time, non-continuous, or full-time as long as it sums up to 1, 560 hours. 

The work has to be:


  • In a single occupation but can be with multiple employers
  • Paid, unpaid internships or volunteering does not get counted
  • At skill level B, A, or 0 under NOC – National Occupational Classification


The experience can be obtained overseas or in Canada. 


Candidates are required to have:


  • A Canadian Degree, Diploma, or Certificate at the Post-secondary or Secondary level; OR
  • An overseas Certificate, Diploma, Degree or Apprenticeship, or Trade education credential 


In the case of overseas educational credentials, an ECA – Educational Credential Assessment will be needed to ensure its validity and being on par with a Canadian credential. The ECA must demonstrate that the education is on par with a Canadian Degree, Diploma, or Certificate at the Post-secondary or Secondary level in Canada. The ECA must also be obtained within 5 years of the date of application. 


Candidates are required to:


  • Score a minimum of CLB Level 4 in a language proficiency test for English or in NCLC – Niveaux de Comptence Linguistique Canadiens for the French language 
  • Complete a test for language and fulfill the required skill level for writing, reading, listening, and speaking 
  • Obtain the results within 2 years of the date of application 

Proof of Funds


Applicants must prove that they have adequate finances for supporting themselves along with the family members upon immigration to Canada. The amount of funds is based on the family size inclusive of those non-immigrating members whom the applicants support. 

Evidence is not needed if the candidate is already residing and working in Canada having a valid Work Visa. 

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