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Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

The MPNP – Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program chooses candidates for immigration to Manitoba depending on the specific economic needs of the province. The program aims to be responsive to the labor market needs of the province and its wider economic priorities. The prospective candidates are regularly communicated regarding these priorities through the list of Occupations In-Demand that is updated regularly.

The four broad immigration pathways under MPNP are: 

  • Skilled Worker Overseas Pathway
  • Skilled Worker in Manitoba Pathway
  • Business Investor Pathway
  • International Education Pathway

Manitoba PNP also approves of experimental visits from the candidates in the skilled worker immigration francophone pathway. It is aimed at assisting them to quickly integrate into the province upon arrival. 

What are different immigration streams under Manitoba PNP?

Each of the broader Manitoba immigration pathways is briefly outlined below.

Skilled Worker in Manitoba Pathway

The Pathway SWM – Skilled Worker in Manitoba is based on the precise needs of employers in the province. It chooses workers trained overseas with the required skills and offers them a nomination for Canada PR Visa. This immigration pathway offers priority to candidates with a strong affinity to the Manitoba province and is further divided into 2 sub-categories: 

a) Pathway Manitoba Work Experience 

This category is for applicants who are working currently in Manitoba on a Provisional Work Visa. It includes provisional workers and overseas graduates from Post-secondary institutions in Canada. 

b) Pathway Employer Direct Recruitment 

This stream is for overseas applicants who have job offers from authorized employers in Manitoba. 

Skilled Worker Overseas Pathway

The SWO – Skilled Worker Overseas Pathway has a dedicated express Entry stream and a straight Provincial stream as well. It targets overseas skilled workers who are skilled and trained in highly demanded occupations in Manitoba. Applicants and spouses having close family connections are prioritized. The other priority factors include proficiency in language, training, and work experience for quickly finding jobs. 

a) Pathway Express Entry Manitoba

This pathway is for overseas applicants who are eligible through another stream in MPNP, fulfill the criteria for Express Entry, and have a profile active in Express Entry. Candidates must have experience, training, and skills in one of the In-Demand Occupations in Manitoba and a close family link to the province. 

b) Pathway Human Capital 

This pathway is for overseas skilled workers who have experience, training, and skills in one of the In-Demand Occupations in Manitoba. They must also prove the potential to find a job immediately upon arrival to Manitoba. 

Canada PNP

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