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Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program

The Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program is the immigration program of Prince Edward Island that is aimed at overseas nationals who can positively contribute to the province.

The PEI PNP is divided into 3 major immigration pathways. The first 2 pathways are further sub-divided into diverse categories. Under the third Express Entry pathway, PEI PNP offers a quick route for candidates to obtain the Canada PR Visa, often within just 6 months. 

Prospective applicants interested in immigration to Canada through PEI PNP have two methods to obtain the Nomination Certificate. The first method is to directly apply to the PEI PNP outside the Express Entry Program through the Office of Immigration of Prince Edward Island. If accepted by the PEI PNP, candidates can then create a profile in the Express Entry and include the Certificate of the Provincial Nomination in their Express Entry profile. 

The second method for obtaining a nomination from PEI PNP for prospective immigrants is to first create a profile in the Federal Express Entry pool. The candidates must then officially indicate their interest in immigrating to PEI within the Express Entry system. They can then be directly contacted by PEI PNP through Express Entry for offering an invitation to apply for PNP. This method is normally advisable as it permits the inclusion of your Profile ID in Express Entry while submission of EOI – Expression of Interest to PEI PNP. 

As the Express Entry profile is already present, candidates who are successful through PEI PNP can instantly be credited with the Nomination Certificate by the province. It will increase their CRS score in the Express Entry pool by 600 extra points which effectively ensures an ITA for Canada PR Visa in the subsequent Express Entry draw. 

The 3 major immigration pathways under Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program are: 


  • Business Impact Pathway
  • Labor Impact Pathway
  • Express Entry Pathway

PEI PNP: Business Impact Pathway

The Business Impact Pathway of PEI PNP is for candidates who intend to make an investment in and manage a business actively in Prince Edward Island. This PEI PNP immigration pathway is further sub-divided into 3 categories: 

Business Impact Pathway: 100% Ownership Category 

As implied by the name, the 100% Ownership Category is for overseas nationals who will have complete ownership of the business established in Prince Edward Island. It can be a new business started by the individual or a total purchase of a present business in PEI by the individual. 

Requirements :

Individuals seeking to apply for any of the immigration pathways under PEI PNP are required to fulfill diverse requirements. The criteria differ depending on the immigration sub-category while many of the requirements are common for every applicant. 

100% Ownership Category requires the individuals to: 


  • Offer a detailed plan of business for the business being bought in PEI 
  • Offer on-going and active management of the business by staying in PEI 
  • Undertake an agreement of escrow with a stipulation of a deposit of $200,000
  • Invest at least $150,000 into the business in PEI 

Apart from the above, the business must also fulfill specific criteria to qualify for the 100% Ownership Category. The business has to be: 


  • A corporation for-profit with good standing on all obligations and debts 
  • Uphold an enduring establishment and corporate headquarters in PEI 
  • Make a payment of all income tax for taxable income 
  • Possess assets having minimum book value worth of $150,000
  • Possess the potential of creating noteworthy financial profit to PEI

The 100% Ownership Category under PEI PNP specifies comprehensive requirements for the owner of the business as well. This is because the business owner is treated equally important as that of the business itself. 

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